Our Bagels

These aren't your mother's bagels; grandmother's is more like it. Crunchy, crusty, and dense with a flavor that can hold its own against the strongest gravlax.

Not only can good bagels be made in California (its not the water), but we feel our bagels are better than most places back East.

Hand rolled, not machine formed. We're a bakery, not a factory.

Organic because we should, not because we can.

Our neighbors buy our bread so we buy from them. When ever we can our ingredients are sourced from local shops in Northern California.

If we don't make your favorite bagel it's because you haven't had one yet.

"transcendent" -Luke Tsai

"extremely crunchy crust; an interior so chewy your jaw is going to get sore" -Andy Altman-Ohr

"deep-brown, firm exterior gives toothsome resistance on the way to a dense, chewy, deeply-flavorful interior...easily the best bagel I've had around here" -Chowhound